Absonutrix Wild Oregano Oil 85% Carvacrol Oil 43 mg helps boost immunity 2 Fl Oz Made in USA

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Absonutrix Oil of Oregano

85% Carvacrol

Natural immune booster and antiseptic

Oil of Oregano is an extremely potent purifier that provides numerous health benefits.

Absonutrix oil of Oregano is extracted from wild harvest Mediterranean mountains.  These oregano plants are often found in growing wild in thinly populated areas of Mediterranean areas.

Absonutrix Oil of Oregano oil

  • powerful 85% carvacrol
  • natural immune booster
  • natural antiseptic

Uses of Oil of Oregano

There has been extensive study on the unique bacteria and fungus fighting properties of oregano oil. This unique property is due to presence of two chemicals found in Oil of wild oregano, carvacrol and thymol. The natural chemicals give this oil the ability to act as natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent.

Protection against harmful organisms.

Skin Infections:

Digestive Problems

Sinus Congestion

Colds and Sore Throats

Source of Essential Nutrients 

How to use Absonutrix Oil of Oregano

  • can be taken diluted or undiluted
  • shake bottle before use


Wild oregano oil. Wild harvested Mediterranean oregano leaves standardized to contain 85% carvacrol 43 mg/serving

Olive oil

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